Wall Installation - The IT Ticket

This is a scan of my ticket from one of the greatest weekends of my life. Phish's IT festival in Limestone, ME in 2003.  We trekked for 13 hours to get a mere mile away from the gates....only to wait an additional 12 to make it that last mile.

IT was an amazing weekend.  Me and my friend Ken reminisce frequently about the drive, the shows, the experiences and the awesome.

I have a running thing with Ken regarding Christmas/Birthday presents.  I refuse to buy something just to buy something, or give something just to give it.  So I usually wait until I have a great idea and then either buy/produce it and give it as a big gift.

Well, this is the story of my most recent gift to Ken.....a big god damn IT ticket.

My goal through all of this was to make something big...really big.  I wanted to recreate the image perfectly in vector form, so I can blow it up and shrink it as much or as little as I wanted and not loose any clarity.  So I embarked on finding as many references as I can.  Luckily, livephish.com uses tickets as CD covers for the shows you can download.

I downloaded the reference along with some other google images and painstakingly recreated every shape, every font, every gradient, every pattern.  

When all was said and done I ended up with the this...a perfect replica of the ticket with a few extra inches around each side for stretching the canvas.

I had it printed on a large canvas.  I was heading out to Colorado to see Ken and do some snowboarding, so I rolled up the canvas into a tube and presented it to him.  I also shipped some a canvas frame kit his way.   Stretching this thing was quite the chore, but a lot of fun.  We mmmmayyy have done it a bit crooked, but not so bad for a couple first timers.  

Here is the final product.