BB-8 Head Video

BB8 Head Mechanism

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UPDATE:  Batteries


HC-05 Bluetooth Module (You can also check out my video on pairing these modules HERE )


3mm Red LEDs for Radar Eye

Toggle Switch for Battery Mount

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TT-25 Transducer 

1 Inch Disc Magnet

2 inch Disc Magnet (UPDATE 04/20/17:  It looks like these are out of Stock,  word on the street is they will be back in stock 05/05/2017)

Recommended Print Settings

Consider this a loose guide to print settings as a lot of it will depend on your setup.  The overarching goal is to make things as light as possible.  Aesthetic pieces under no stress can really be printed as flimsy as possible while still holding up to the finishing process and the structural materials should be printed as light as possible while still being able to maintain their loads.  

Here is a quick recap of my print settings posted in the YouTube comments:

The aesthetic pieces (Dome, Skirt, Dome Top) were all 2 perimeters and incredibly low infill (I believe it was 5%, not much space between the walls anyway). My bottom and top layers are usually set to 2 as well. This may then require some post work, for example I had to use some putty to cover some light cover on my top layers specifically on the main dome piece, but nothing major. For the structural pieces I did 3 perimeters and 35% infill. The tires are are done at 50% Semiflex, and the smaller caster pieces are done with 3 perimeters as low a lower infill (15%). I'll update the webpage with this information. Use these as a guide, but see what you can get away with on shaving off weight. It's all about the light dome.