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Phase2 ROTS- Hollow Greeblies -UNFINISHED

Phase2 ROTS- Hollow Greeblies -UNFINISHED


Fully Hollow Greeblies (1 pair).  Drill a hole behind these and increase airflow into your bucket.  Price includes Shipping. 

This item is UNFINISHED.  You will receive 2 ABS prints fresh off the print bed warts and all.  The prints are high quality, printed at .1mm layer height, however given their round nature they require supports on the bottom. This results in an uneven "bottom" texture which will require some sanding and filling, nothing major or out of the ordinary for a clone builder.  See pics for an example of the bottom portion.  If this isn't something you're interested in dealing with consider buying the fully finished versions and I'll take care of all that for you. 

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